Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

From the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

End of Semester

The good news - grades were all successfully submitted on time (as if there is an option for that ;-) )

The other news - a million things to do between now and the beginning of the activities for the first summer TAH institute on May 30.

The book is out! Wahoo! 4 years . . . .

The best news today - am headed to Kansas City for the festivities surrounding the dedication of the new National Archives facility at Union Station.

The summer will fly by but life is good.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Almost the End of the Semester

This semester really does seem to have gone faster than any other.

I am finding Facebook and Twitter more engaging than blogging given that I want to have interaction with others and not just talk to myself. This has been more the personal blog while my technology interests tend to end up on my Typepad blog. I've noticed some people integrating their blog/s with Facebook and Twitter so I will eventually end up doing that - or at least that's the most likely outcome of my personal tech integration.

I have almost consolidated my desktop and old laptop to my new dockable laptop. Still need to go back and get some "My Documents" that didn't make it over and get one login I didn't get written down. But I haven't unhooked the desktop totally so it shouldn't take too much. I am still surprised at how easily the cable internet router switched over to the new system. But I am still perplexed why, even after rebooting, the new Vista laptop appeared not to connect to the XP network yet when I went back to try to make it happen, I discovered I was indeed connected.

Outside the house, the Alltel broadband card is simply indispensable.

And I'm getting to know my Blackberry Storm. I jumped from a basic Motorola flip phone right to the top. I was simply too cheap to lay out $500 and then $400 and then $300 for a phone. But getting my parents the Blackberry Storm sold me and even though mine was about $200 since there were no family members to give a free one to.

It's the usual end of the semester grading and finals. I thought we were getting out early but it appears everyone else is out even earlier. Our summer activities start May 30 so I'm sure this summer will also go fast.

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