Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Week's Plunge

What I learned last week:

1. People to whom you extend a great deal of generosity will not only take advantage of that but will expect, no demand, even more.

2. These same people will steal from you. Not only will they steal material things, they will steal something with an emotional connection to you but that will not only mean nothing to them but will also not get them any more than a small pittance if they try to sell it. This is just evil. I can never get that baby picture back nor the frame that Mom scrimped and saved for when she and Dad were first married.

3. They will steal even if you have given them signals you are figuring out things just haven't been moved and you've asked them where they are so they have a chance to bring them back (but don't).

4. They will steal from you even if they know they are jeopardizing more than half of their monthly cash income. 

5. The saddest part - we discovered she was stealing from my mother when she was sick and thought she had only misplaced some of her personal belongings that had been in the same place for 35 years.

6. Sad Part 2 - we would have given this woman anything she needed had she only asked. We considered her part of the family.

So, more life lessons learned the hard way but they are certainly taken to heart for future reference.

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