Monday, July 26, 2010

Wireless Networks and Droids

Since I upgraded my wireless, I have had trouble with my Mac and now my iPad connecting - the connection is slow - and often frustratingly so. I found some online help that indicated the DNS addresses might be the issue so instead of automatically assigning one, I checked the primary and secondary ones that were provided for me. So far, so good, with only some brief slowdowns that appear to be the website I'm accessing.

I also took time out to go by the local Verizon store to upgrade my mobile broadband account and so that's one more important upgrade off the list. I was actually eligible for one! Two years seems like a long time to expect to use the same piece of equipment. And apparently my old USB device will still work so I can use it as a back-up when necessary. While I was there, I asked about the latest, greatest phone and apparently it is the Droid. Verizon is supposed to get the iPhone this fall but apparently the Droid is even better - esp. given the recent news about the iPhone 4. Time will tell. The Droid serves as a wireless hotspot and can connect directly to you tv. No telling where we will be a year or two from now - everything in our hands.

The downside of all this technology, especially for those who grew up with it, is reflected in a quote overheard in a tv show the other night - "Get off of Facebook and call 911!" Clearly it was more important to tell her friends her other friend was hit by a car than to call for help. Here we used to go have to find a phone and now even with one in our hand, not everyone has the impulse to contact help BEFORE sharing it with their social network.

On the personal front, progress is slow but it is happening - just not on my schedule.

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