Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogging After the OAH and the TAH Symposium

My colleagues at H-TAH and I along with the outstanding meetings staff at OAH pulled off our 4th annual symposium on the long-term impact of Teaching American History grants. Our attendance mirrored that of the regular OAH meeting - down due both to reduced travel budgets and the geographical location of Seattle. A direct flight from KC actually makes Seattle doable from Kansas, though, so it wasn't a problem for us, including the 5 teachers who were supported by TAH grant funding.

I worked the evening before I left to get my new laptop going - I knew Vista would be fun but also a challenge along with the usual time it takes to switch over to a new computer - getting the anti-virus program running before getting the internet connection going. I'm merging my desktop with my laptop so that I no longer have the unnecessary challenge of an important email or file being on the other computer. I'll be working on that further this week.

I did do some Twittering (also as kellyinkansas) during the first day of the symposium but didn't get back to it with the 2nd day prep, including our keynote speaker Sam Wineburg.

Molly needs to go out so more later.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tunnel Light

It's good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish it were easier to see before you arrived at the end of the tunnel. Too many things were beyond my control the last few weeks and I'm still learning that I can survive that.

It really is perspective on the causes of the stress around you that make a difference but it's too bad knowing that doesn't mean you can eliminate the bad stress.

I'm going to enjoy some spring weather in between the rain and start getting ready to get on a plane on Tuesday. That includes spending quality time with Molly. She was a trooper yesterday getting to hang out in the car so much while I entertained the California relatives. At least some of my relatives are normal and don't fit their geographical stereotypes . . . .

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Friday, March 20, 2009


The best laid plans for this week have come and gone, but - hopefully - I've tied up a great many loose ends and will reap the benefits later.

Next week is the TAH Symposium and the annual OAH meeting.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


One the main reasons I've spent less time here, or at least less time lately, is the time I'm spending at Facebook instead. FB is obviously much more interactive even if, at times, it is TMI. I guess I know I am asking for the potential for TMI if I read someone's blog and I should accept that same premise about all of my friends all at once when I go to Facebook.

If you're a blogger, I'd be interested to know if you are also on Facebook and what your thoughts are.

It's put me in touch with some friends and classmates from the past. That's been both a good thing and, in at least one case, a somewhat scary thing. I have enough of scary with my a real life person in my own past to add to it with Facebook. It also may just be inherent to the exponentially 2.0 world of the internet today.

I was hoping to get more out of LinkedIn but that may be lacking due to the lack of ivory tower types there. But I do still see potential there.

And, of course, Facebook also provides yet another way to waste time online. I'll be interested to see if usage goes down during the warm weather months or if there is just most status updating via Blackberry instead.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

We actually have spring weather for this spring break. In fact, it's almost summer weather - over 80 degrees today. I still am hoping for one more snow .....

I worked outside at the farm yesterday - I planed the irises Dad gave me and replanted the landscaping that the deer pulled out. I was dismayed to hear _two_ armadillos wondering around my yard last night. And, a new bunny has taken up residence quite close to the house. He's so close in fact, that he/she refuses to move very far when I take Molly out. And I don't want her running after the bunny into the woods. I also think the bunny is to blame for the straw front door mat being chewed apart - maybe it's nesting . . . . ? It's always something.

I spent the rest of the day burning although there is still more to do. And, I discovered that it is much more fun to burn when it is cold than when it is 75%. I loaded up the ivy block and the bug spray with deet and appear to have come out unscathed. Remember I had my last serious bout with poison ivy in November. Yes, I said November.

I hope to get some Truman done this week in between catching up on everything else.

I'm still trying to go through all my stuff and throw away what I haven't needed in over a decade. Hopefully it will lead to at least some of the stress relief promised by clutter-free life advocates. On the other hand, what am I without my clutter?

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Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm a bit overwhelmed right now not just with work but with life but the pressure should subside by the end of the week, thank goodness. And I do want my hour back. We have TOO much daylight savings time!

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