Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

I'm missing Mom today. It's a different type of feeling than last year but it may be because the adrenaline is gone. I'm reading The Long Goodbye and it is a different take on a grief book since it is letting me follow a 30-something who lost her Mom when her mother was in her 50s. It was a different loss but so many of the parts of the roller coaster ride are all too familiar. 

Everyone deals with grief in a different way and I have learned that all too well in the last 14 months. Some old friends have reappeared  - which is a very good thing. Some other changes may be potentially in the future but at this point it's totally out of my control. Learning to let go of what I cannot control has been a major theme in my life lately. I only wish I had learned sooner.


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