Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Before June is Over

Before June is over, I had better post. Some things over the last few months have been much harder than losing Mom. On the other hand, I have learned how everyone deals with grief differently. It is a whole other planet. 

Work is good and I'm finishing up an extremely fun project. 

I spent some time at the lake before the summer heat really hit us - and that is an accomplishment this year given how many days of August heat we have already had in June. Tomorrow is another 100+ heat index day. 

My last official day in my faculty office. When I return in August, the new office should be ready for "move-in". Saw one of our master teachers and told him it was nice to see him on "my turf" since I am usually visiting his school. His daughter is getting ready to double major with one of those in my new department. They're both lucky to have each other. 

Warning, tangents ahead:

Wall Street Journal subscription now includes my iPad. Yeah! (When is the rest of the world going to figure out that I'm not paying for a print subscription, a Kindle subscription, an online subscription, and an iPad subscription like I am only subscribing once (and not seeing any ads even though almost every site except Kindle is overwhelmed by them!)

Why are 3 of the new/premier in summer shows on at the same time when my DVR will only allow 2 at one time? Thank goodness the cable channels "replay" later in the evening. Necessary Roughness looks to be a fun show - esp. with the ad pairing them with Royal Pains - Mark rules!!!


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