Monday, May 24, 2010

End of Semester

I've always looked forward more to semesters starting than ending but this one I am definitely glad to have in the rear view mirror.  Unexpected stressors added to the grief of losing Mom and all that came with that. But that situation will be totally different shortly, much much to my relief.

Next fall, I will be given a title for duties I've already had plus a few more. Those duties made my semester last a week longer but it set a good foundation for the transition we are already undergoing. There are a few misconceptions about my role among some colleagues but time will allow them to see that not as much as they think might have actually changed. Most importantly, unlike most of our colleagues in higher education, we've had no layoffs, pay cuts, or furloughs (yet!). That's really all that matters in the real world. We have to remind ourselves how lucky we are to know we have a job next year and the next.

This summer will not be quite as busy as last summer and the only travel I'm responsible for is in-state. Getting some significant writing done also has to be on the agenda given the change in my formal responsibilities next year. I only wish Mom were here to talk to about all of this. I don't know that I'll ever get used to not being able to talk to her - or at least to have her actually respond. I look up a lot these days. 

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