Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogging After the OAH and the TAH Symposium

My colleagues at H-TAH and I along with the outstanding meetings staff at OAH pulled off our 4th annual symposium on the long-term impact of Teaching American History grants. Our attendance mirrored that of the regular OAH meeting - down due both to reduced travel budgets and the geographical location of Seattle. A direct flight from KC actually makes Seattle doable from Kansas, though, so it wasn't a problem for us, including the 5 teachers who were supported by TAH grant funding.

I worked the evening before I left to get my new laptop going - I knew Vista would be fun but also a challenge along with the usual time it takes to switch over to a new computer - getting the anti-virus program running before getting the internet connection going. I'm merging my desktop with my laptop so that I no longer have the unnecessary challenge of an important email or file being on the other computer. I'll be working on that further this week.

I did do some Twittering (also as kellyinkansas) during the first day of the symposium but didn't get back to it with the 2nd day prep, including our keynote speaker Sam Wineburg.

Molly needs to go out so more later.

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