Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

We actually have spring weather for this spring break. In fact, it's almost summer weather - over 80 degrees today. I still am hoping for one more snow .....

I worked outside at the farm yesterday - I planed the irises Dad gave me and replanted the landscaping that the deer pulled out. I was dismayed to hear _two_ armadillos wondering around my yard last night. And, a new bunny has taken up residence quite close to the house. He's so close in fact, that he/she refuses to move very far when I take Molly out. And I don't want her running after the bunny into the woods. I also think the bunny is to blame for the straw front door mat being chewed apart - maybe it's nesting . . . . ? It's always something.

I spent the rest of the day burning although there is still more to do. And, I discovered that it is much more fun to burn when it is cold than when it is 75%. I loaded up the ivy block and the bug spray with deet and appear to have come out unscathed. Remember I had my last serious bout with poison ivy in November. Yes, I said November.

I hope to get some Truman done this week in between catching up on everything else.

I'm still trying to go through all my stuff and throw away what I haven't needed in over a decade. Hopefully it will lead to at least some of the stress relief promised by clutter-free life advocates. On the other hand, what am I without my clutter?

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