Saturday, December 28, 2002

Hi out there in blogworld. I'm learning lots of great things about this way to communicate but know it will take awhile to not sound like a newbie.

I'm interested in history, teaching, technology, quilting, farming, the great outdoors, traveling, the list goes on...............

I'm a college professor and just finishing up the fall semester - in other words, trying to catch up on everything. I work with our teacher ed program and the paperwork was just horrendous this fall. Luckily I was awarded some leave time to work on it more this spring. So I shouldn't feel perpetually behind. I'm a definite type-A whose current New Year's resolution is NOT to get overcommitted. Of course, I'm adding on a new endeavor with this blog........but I'm doing it before New Year's. :}

I'm interested in hearing from anyone else with similar interests - pointing me to their blogs or web sites.

I'm also trying to learn Flash and Dreamweaver to incorporate more interactivity into my classroom. I also do some work for a publisher and want to learn the coding behind the content I provide.

That's all for now.

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