Sunday, December 29, 2002

I couldn't get the URL link to work yesterday so I'll try again. :}

The New York Times has an article this morning, "Who Owns the Internet? You and i do." It can be found at

One author is crusading to make sure that internet is not capitalized - despite the default setting in Microsoft Word :} - to demonstrate that no one owns it. Historical research shows that other inventions such as the photograph were originally capitalized and then not when they came into popular usage. Some food for thought.

So I did get my blog started before the new year. I found lots of interesting blogs on teaching and technology and game development last night. I'm trying to figure out how to integrate those. Found out recently that someone I went to high school with is on the team that has developed Medal of Honor. He tries to infuse some historical tidbits into the game. I have a lot to learn!

Am working on an online government class - so many activities I want them to do and how to narrow it down becomes the question. I'm looking forward to working with a high school class again. I really like the online framework - in some ways I get to know students a lot better. While there are some really excellent college students that are a joy to work with because you just have to point them in the right direction and off they go, many others have mastered the art of doing just enough to get by. While some high school students are guilty of that, some of them are still naive enough to really want to learn - if for nothing else so that they can succeed in college. My undergrad degree was in political science and I've missed working with the knowledge base. I chose to follow the history track as I pursued other degrees because I didn't care for the more quantitative basis of poli sci - but do love the theoretical stuff. So it's great to revisit and see how much they intertwine. Better get to work - I can get so much more done in the morning........ from a former night owl..............

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