Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Another blog pointed out this web site to find out which OS you are.

Here's the Linux Experiment. Kairos News describes it this way: She's a woman on a mission and she's blogging about it. A woman at an unnamed "laptop university" has decided to take the laptop on loan from the university and install linux. Her mission for the year to see if Linux can really do everything that Microsoft products can without getting herself in trouble.

From the same source: Digital Storytelling: The University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Institute for New Media Studies has created a site providing a

* Taxonomy of digital storytelling.
* Analysis of current practices.
* Clearinghouse of effects research.
* Showcase of innovative story forms.
* Forums for discussion.

Seems like a great resource in the making. The site is also beautifully rendered using php, but a little too slow to load (can't imagine it would be very usable over 56k).

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