Saturday, January 18, 2003

Both conservatives and liberals last night discussed how much they liked Mr. Sterling and last night's episode wasn't a disappointment. It's nice to find good tv that is also just plain fun to watch.

The snow is still on the ground thanks to sub-zero temperatures. Am heading to the farm hoping to enjoy a day of it out there. Dad is going to join me and bring some straw to cover the groundcover before winter is over.

I spent time tracking down ways to get rid of the squirrels eating my deck and, although there are no permanent solutions, I did talk to some one at Cash Grain who had the same problem. So I now know what hardware cloth is - I used to just call it metal screening - and I will take that out along with some repellent. I'm concerned about doing the weatherproofing when it will still get so cold even after it warms up to the fifties later in the weekend.

We've had more snow than we've had the last several years put together and if this is el nino, I love it!

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