Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I love Tightly Wound's commentary on Beowulf/Tolkein (see January 14). It points to the same problem we have in history - teaching students that we all look at history through our own value system/time we live in and we have to see PAST that to better understand the proper historical context.

Was at the office most of the day working with enrolling students - some actually showed up. Also started work on assessment paperwork...........people will start dreading me showing up at their doorstep but at least I will try to make it manageable. The dept. went to eat lunch at our new Thai restaurant - our little town of under 20k will hopefully keep it going. They have the best fresh food around.

Am going to go watch the Lifetime Intimate Portrait of Kelly Ripa. I just like her and when I need a break, the Live show is great to watch. I've usually been on the computer since 4:30 or 5am and that's a great morning break - gives you some perspective on life - or at least shows you how to laugh at it a little.

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