Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I'm really excited about my teaching methods course this semester. They call came in on top of their game for Monday's first class (because of the MLK holiday I don't see them until the third week of classes.) and they just seem like interesting people. They have divergent viewpoints and backgrounds which will make for an interesting class.

I'm almost well and am still sleeping way too much without medication - which seems to confirm it.

Dad is such a sweetheart - just as I was leaving the farm Monday he showed up with my straw. I had some time yesterday to spread it around when it was in the 50s. It's a little colder today but should get the rest of it done - and some more firewood near the house. I wish I could work on the rock but I think that would be pushing it.

Should have a meeting next week on the AP History course.

I'm almost at a loss now that there is no large deadline I've missed that I'm trying to catch up to. I do need to do the technology work for the PT3 program Phase 2 so I qualify for Phase 3. And it's not that there's not a lot to do - it's just that I'm back to being able to do it as the mood strikes me which is ultimately more productive and enjoyable.

One of my biology colleagues called about assessment issues - the head of teacher ed referred her to me and we'll get together on campus tomorrow. I referred her ot the Alverno College web site since they are national leaders in the area of assessment.

Back to work and time to eat some breakfast now that I've had my Ovaltine and my tea this morning. :}

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