Wednesday, January 22, 2003

It's snowing - the first time I've been at the farm to see it start and it's beautiful - I hope the pictures come out! I'm so glad I came out yesterday - I thought I'd missed all the snow for the year since we've had so much already.

The headline of the day: Obesity Suit Against McDonald's Dismissed
Quote: "U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet said the plaintiffs -- including a 400-pound teenager who said he eats at McDonald's every day -- failed to show that customers of the world's largest fast-food chain were unaware that eating too much McDonald's fare could be unhealthy" Do ya think so?????

My cough and sore throat came back so finishing Kansas woman is a little more difficult since I need a clear head but it pales in comparison to my misery yesterday (see previous post.)

Roads to the north are snow/ice-packed...........and some Missouri roads are closed!!!! It could get interesting tonight. I need to go back to town in the morning for bowling league (I've gone from double digits last year to a 160 last week - although I alternate current bowling scores between that and 80!) and a department meeting. I'm bringing the pizza. I've pre-bowled so it should be fine if I have to miss that part. says we're on the very edge of it so it shouldn't overwhelm us - it's amazing how the weather patterns fall along I-44 in Missouri, Detailed Forecast says we're still in for just flurries; the bigger concern is the -15 wind chill - unusual for us. Glad I've got the fireplace going.

Shawn Hannity made an excellent point yesterday - we're fighting back against Iraq (since Clinton wimped out in the foreign policy arena unless it was time to distract us from Monica, etc.) to prevent them from becoming another North Korea. And it is NOT a pre-emptive strike - the Iraqis are the ones who broke the last "ceasefire" agreement. We won't be wimps!!!!

Just found Ann Coulter's web site - pretty and smart and the liberals don't know what to do with her! She was on Donahue awhile back (and I watched mainly because she was on) and kept having to remind him she wanted to talk about her current book and not the leftist and sometimes ridiculous attacks made on her previous book by people who hadn't even read it.

I love Dr. Phil - everyone makes choices - life doesn't just happen. I know I've been overresponsible most of my life (and thus over-stressed but I'm working on that - ie by watching snow fall and playing with fireplaces!) but it amazes me how many people just act helpless. That drives me nuts! I'm glad someone is calling on them. I used to like Dr. Laura but finding out that she was trying to get pregnant by her current husband while he was still married to someone else and had young children still at home really disappointed me. Yeah, Dr. Phil, it's more important to be effective as a parent than to be right!!!!! He's making a father state what he has to do not keep repeating what he thinks his wife should do.

Kelly Ripa was great this morning. Regis announced his absence tomorrow and she teased him about going around telling people he was scouting out new cohosts so he could get free luxury treatment and food! She's good!

OK...back to Kansas Women before the day is out!

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