Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Teacher: Year One is back and up and running for the semester. I love her Jan. 16 quote: "If you thought law school was hard, you should try fourth grade." I agree!

Been busy getting my annual report done - quite frustrating as I'd realized all I'd done and knowing that with the state budget crisis, there will no money for raises. But I have one more promotion down the line and want to do everything I can to not endanger it. Academia is a tricky business!

I'm still finishing my entry on Kansas women - I'm finding them more interesting than I imagined. I grew up in southwest Missouri and only really saw the old coal mining area of Kansas or "western" Kansas and its flat terrain. Although I'm proud to assert that you have to "show me, I'm from Missouri" - I love the wild spirit of Kansas. We're not too far from anything and, atlhough I like traveling out west (a few years ago I made it within an hour from Montana on my own in the Explorer) it's just a tad too isolated. But I love the people. I also like the central local of southwest Missouri/southeast Kansas - 2 hours to Kansas City and Tulsa, 6-7 to Dallas, and 9 to my email friend in a Minneapolis suburb. I also have some great relatives in Cincinnati that is almost within a days drive. Yet another tangent!

Now that I've been able to remember my correct login to use Internet Explorer on the farm computer, I'll be posting on and off today as I take breaks from my writing. I hate missing deadlines which is making it even harder. But later this week I will be setting up my action plan for the spring to keep it all manageable!

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