Friday, January 17, 2003

There's a blogger out there who joined in Arianna Huffington's campaign against the SUV. Shawn Hannity asked a relevant question on his show - what type of energy supports her 9,000 square foot house? Today, an online columnist, Jacob Sullum, points out that the series of ads she supported just happened to come out at the same time as her new book and wondered how her book tour would save gas.... :} Disclaimer, I drive an SUV.

I love the exhilaration of the first week of school but am also glad to get them going. We did get the winter storm and I was glad to not have to get in it. Unlike the last few times, it will be a day or two before it warms up so maybe the snow will stay around awhile. Back a tangent - I spent most of yesterday getting my online class and have two student apointments set up this afternoon. I guided one student away from a general studies degree - a sort of leftover 60s degree that worked at the time but now just keeps graduates from getting a job or at least creates more obstacles.

Right now I have five in my teaching course which is a good number. The last two semesters I've had an imbalance - either too many or too few. I also have double digits in my online class plus it's a course I've taught regularly so I can enjoy the actual flow of the course more than struggling to constantly keeping up with preparation.

The Beaver Kings meet late this afternoon - will be nice to see everyone after the break. The restaurant is apparently going to de-franchise. We'll see if this guy makes a go of it - he likes being at the center of attention and he has some more recent competition from a family dynasty here in town. The other restaurant, Bricktown, is run by partners, one of whom is the son of the famous steakhouse in town. Another relative was implementing change for the sake of cost-cutting which usually leads to a decrease in food quality - which doesn't make sense since labor is usually the biggest cost at a restaurant, not food. That's why supersizing is no big deal and why most sit-down restaurants bring out plates with 3 full servings on them at once. :}

A few people are responding about blogging on H-Teach - if only to ask what it is. It has potential in teaching but there still is some structure needed aka Blackboard so that everyone knows where to find stuff. I'm hoping my learning Dreamweaver will help me figure out better ways to develop web applications for class. That and Flash.....

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