Wednesday, January 15, 2003

We're under a winter storm warning. The last two have actually hit - and harder and sooner than expected. We get that wonderful mix of snow, ice, and rain. This time, Kansas City just might get the worst of it. I bought a greasy hamburger from 1106 ( I had planned to pass on the suzy qs but just couldn't) on the way home just in case we're snowed/iced in tomorrow. I have plenty to do on the computer although I will miss bowling if it is cancelled.

I have my online class ready to roll - my biggest number ever - 14. Although there is a higher attrition rate than F2F, it is still a good number. And students are hearing that online courses are not the ones to take if you want easy courses.

I sent out a query to a listserv I help edit, H-Teach and hope at least a few of the 1400+ subscribers have some experiences to share - even if it's just reading other people's blogs.

Despite my non-Democratic tendencies, West Wing is one of the my favorite shows. Mr. Sterling, however, promsies to be even better. Here's the official site link.

Now I still need to work on my 30page entry on Kansas women and get more done on the AP Government course and THEN I'll be on top of things. Didn't plan to be up at school all day but had fun (besides advising students :} ) talking with friends and colleagues in the library and in the education building.

Stay safe!

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