Wednesday, February 05, 2003

For some reason, my Sunday post didn't show up. Maybe it was the version of IE on the iBook. Oh well.

A Boston Globe article about Google. From Kairos News: Search EnginesThe Boston Globe has an interesting piece on how Google is fueling the "collapse of inconvenience" and making it difficult for us to 'leave the past behind,' since everything documented electronically is made equally "present" by search engines like Google. Its ability to pull up information in seconds is making 411 nearly obsolete, and allowing blind-daters to make preemptive cancellations. But there is more at stake here than just spoiled dates or the availability of bad high school photos. I think studies of access must also take into account the effects of information access to the lives of individuals who because of Google, can lose jobs, lose face, or, in the extreme, have their lives endangered.

We didn't get the winter storm the other day but are "on watch" for one again tonight although, again, we're on the edge of it.

I'm at the farm today. Got quite a bit done for my Houghton Mifflin project and one file sent into them. I get really focused and can get quite a bit done in the "right" mood. And Jeff at HM is great to work with. :} I also need to work on my PT3 grant stuff to earn my $500 PD and get set for the last phase of it. I just need to do some paperwork demonstrating I know the issues surrounding using technology in the classroom. Just 'seat time' - it's not that difficult.

I am almost enough on top of things that it's scary. I'm definitely less stressed.

Six Feet Under starts back on March 2! :} I'd like to get the first season tapes for my friends that have a monument shop but it's almost $100.....I was surprised I liked SFU so much - I hated Ball's American Beauty- Hollywood has some really weird ideas about "us folks here in the Midwest" and I thought it was just a stupid story. But SFU has some amazing twists and just plain keeps its viewers entertained. :}

Monday I worked on HM until it was time to get ready for my teaching class. I'm still more impressed with how well they're doing. We went over cover letters and resumes. Next week we will be looking at geography and related lesson plans. I had felt bad the week before since it was the first time the class met and I was still cloudy-headed from being sick.

I had office hours Tuesday morning and saw one student who was having trouble in his statistics class (I can empathize). He's been to talk to the instructor so I suggested several alternatives. I found Judy and we went to lunch at the Mall Deli. Then we went to our department meeting with the VPAA and his assistant (our former dean). We are back to having choices in general education instead of just one required course. So, instead of just talking US until the Civil War, students can now take either half of US history and world history. Or at least we hope it turns out that way. What they want us to do for assessment purposes sounds like a cakewalk compared to my struggle with NCATE/KSDE the last year.

I was invited to the cooperating teachers dinner Monday night at our new elementary school, Meadowlark. I am glad to be included and am anxious to see the new school - it's on my biking route.

I got my car to Girard just in time to leave it to get the seat repaired. I saw the owner and commented (again) how great his service guys are. They are unbelievable.

Then I had a meeting with Mike at Greenbush. I woke up at 3am the other morning thinking about the Teaching American History grant ideas I have and am still sorting through them. Mike apparently thought it was great I was already thinking about since it will take time to put together a good proposal. And this year we have time. Last year I didn't have the time or the focus.

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