Monday, February 24, 2003

From ScrappleFace:

Protestors Can Get A Clooney Bobble-Head Doll

(2003-02-23) -- Organizers of protests against disarming Iraq through threat-of-force will start offering a George Clooney bobble-head doll to each person who joins their marches and rallies.

Protestors can register for the perk at, but must actually show up for an event to collect their limited-edition bobble-head doll.

"We're asking people to come out in the cold and stand around chanting for hours," said an unnamed protest organizer. "We felt we should offer incentives to boost attendance -- like baseball clubs do."

Mr. Clooney could not be reached for comment as he continued his marathon of interviews with European newspapers. The former star of the TV drama 'E.R.' is revered in much of Europe as a statesman of the caliber of Benjamin Franklin or Sean Penn.

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