Sunday, February 09, 2003

I was going to check a few other blogs before I began work on my AP course and ended up doing 3 hours of internet research on some other related topics because of a post on The Educator Asylum. A Feb. 4 post mentioned:

Ohio's New PK-16 Teacher Technology Framework for Professional Development/ It's now module-based, participants complete integration modules that address various standards. I need to make the time to familarize myself more thoroughly with this.

And that led me on a mission to find out more about the professional development issue. Apparently ours is one of the few universities in our state that doesn't do much (or at least that I can see) with National Board Certification. I can see a lot of potential on the net with this - esp. when it concerns such a spread-out state like Kansas. I can also integrate it into working with pre-service teachers and work on more support for our master's program. I've been trying for years to find an angle to get more teachers included in the program - somewhat difficult since we compete with some of the "sit and get" mentality that is inherent in some of our "competition" (Thanks to Lisa for the term "sit and get" - I hadn't heard that before).

Anyway, I found all kinds of important references and hope to post some of them hear later. I did quite a bit of research on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) since that will be important for my pre-service teachers to know (and me!). Found relevant articles
in Time
and Education Week.

While I was at Education Week, I found a great article for my 479 students: Career Planning: Think Before You Act. This is great: Education Week has a linke to an article on grading parents!!!!

I should have had my blog post log open while I was doing this. I'll have to remember that next time. I also found some great stuff at the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, including reports for each state. And also some great stuff at the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.

Yesterday I was watching Rebecca's Garden and found some interesting info
on growing mushrooms. I'm going to order one of the kits from Mushroom Adventures. I'm going to get an early start on the garden this year!!!!! I still have all the supplies left from last year. :}

Karen and I enjoyed our trip to Joplin. We ate at Quiznos and then hit Target. Last night we went to see Chicago and really enjoyed it. I'm really impressed with Renee Zellweger.

It's cloudy and so I hope to get to the Y and lift weights. Being sick so much has kept me from that. And I also may get up to the office to get some stuff ready to go for class tomorrow afternoon so I can work here at home in the morning. I'm going to walk Shadow and pick up the Sunday papers (Pittsburg, Joplin, and Kansas City) to read later. Dixie Chicks were on Saturday Night Live last night and then I taped Someone Like You on HBO this morning. Will watch those late this afternoon/this evening. :}

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