Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I'm blogging from Wichita!!!! I met a high school friend at On the Border and had a great evening. She is student teaching and facing a lot of new challenges but I also know she will be a great teacher. She made an excellent observation.....she's run a household and a business (cleaning) and not used to any other bosses. It is an adjustment. I also think student teaching is harder than your first year with your own classroom because you reach a point where you want to do your own thing instead of just following the lead of an experienced teacher - no matter how wonderful they are! It was great catching up..............her "children" are young men and she has a family and home to be proud of............all take a great deal of work. I'm anxious to watch her share all that expertise with her future elementary students. She has the nurturing down pat with a good balance of good old-fashioned "let's get in there and learn."

Had some more snow this morning but I delayed leaving town until the roads cleared up a bit and, except for a small stretch of some ice on the very edge, it was all fine. 400 Highway makes the trip to Wichita much easier.

Came home yesterday to a porta potty in my front yard (and my front yard isn't that big). Thought the contractor working next door had it put there but I was wrong - it's a fundraiser for a student group sponsored by one of the Beaver Kings. Good business plan . .... $20 to get it taken away or $15 to forward it. I forwarded it to my chair - I thin he has a good sense of humor. I'm impressed with the resources of the group because I didn't have my chair's new address but his wife sent me an email this evening so I know that it was removed. I promised her I hadn't used it. :}

I will be in a meeting tomorrow................attendance is important! More later..............

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