Sunday, February 02, 2003

It was 71 degrees today but there is a snow/ice mix threatened for tomorrow. The weather everywhere is unpredictable I think. I did get back on my mountain bike (although just on city streets) - 6 miles each day but I get credit for going "against the wind." I also got the car cleaned out and found some things I almost thought were lost......

Looks like the heat tiles had something to do with the Colombia explosion - I guess time will tell.

I woke up at 3am thinking about the Teaching American History grant proposal. Am bouncing some ideas off some H-Net colleagues. Also submitted my twice-a-year updates to the @history web links for the Houghton Mifflin US history web site. Also finished getting started on several chapters of the Boyer text and the Flash activities I'm preparing for them. I'm not going to miss this deadline! I love surfing around the web for web sites related to history - I've already finished an activity on the history of plumbing, including a site about Thomas Crapper. :}

Also, finally started reading Coal: A Human History. So far this work by an environmental lawyer is more interesting than I thought it would be. It helped illuminate the meaning of taking coals to Newcastle, for example. And it's also where we get the term "jet black" from............

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