Saturday, February 15, 2003

It's the first time I've told someone I know I have a blog - my friend from my hometown who now lives south of Wichita. She won't have much time to look at it but since she is going into teaching I thought she might find it somewhat interesting.

It's NOT going to be 68 degrees here again today. Last night I walked Shadow and the neighbors were out on their front porch - who'da thought we be visiting on the front porch in February! But today the snow and ice is coming in. I will keep an eye on things in case I need to head back to town.

I got so busy with Dreamweaver MX that I didn't need breaks! It's much more like Net Objects Fusion that I can have imagined so the learning curve was not nearly so steep. That should get me moving on Flash MX just a little sooner. So I'm almost finished tweaking the new departmental website that will soon be here. They have been having meetings for webmasters about meeting the new state-mandated accessibility guidelines and I have mostly had conflicting meetings. Also, I didn't know enough and wanted them to hash it out a bit. From nosing around the PSU web site, most of them are maintaining "mirro" text-only sites. I don't have the time to maintain two sites so ours will mainly be text-based with one picture of our Gus Gorilla We just received new business cards with his image. I do, however, miss the old university seal that said "By doing, learn." It really fit our mission and our institutional history but research and service are more political correct emphases. :}

I need to get outside to load up on firewood for the next visit before it gets bad. I need to get outside and get some exercise anyway. It was great to see the neighbors - I hadn't realized I hadn't seen them more than in passing since Christmas. Didn't catch any mice last night but it had appeared that they had tried to chew on the edge of Shadow's mat. They're desperate when I take his food away! I am doing better about putting it up at night, though. And, I seem to have deterred the squirrels somewhat. The neighbors think it's because I'm not here all the time but even if I was primarily here, I wouldn't be sitting on the deck all the time to catch them. My neighbor's husband came by last weekend and they couldn't see any. The neighbors said it's "nesting" and "baby-making" time. It's not too far off from when I can spray the Thompson's water seal and I'll be good to go - or at least I hope so!

I was glad to see Diane Lane was nominated for her work in Unfaithful. I just saw that a few weeks ago on Pay Per View and it's nice to see a non-young and non-old actress be recognized for such good work.

I can't believe Dreamweaver didn't take so much more time - I thought I would just get started this weekend. But I also made the web page pretty simple - most especially text-based. The next thing I'll work on in putting up our assessment data online, including resources for students trying to understand it. We have a meeting with other departments that are involved in our teacher education program next week to make some more progress on assessment. So, we're getting there plus we just need to document what we're doing the for the accrediting agencies. It should make the boss look good!

I also noticed in the Dreamweaver book that Adobe will now let you go create Acrobat files for free online. I'll have to check that out! Well, I just did and I should have figured that it's a free TRIAL. :} But that's a great way to start.

mammusings has a great story about following your heart...........and I hope I used trackback successfully! :}

I'm listening to Car Talk on NPR. They're great!

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