Friday, February 14, 2003

Rozanne was named the "folio queen" and it's an honor well deserved. We couldn't have made it through teacher certification/licensure reaccreditation without her. The folio fiesta was fun - especially seeing people you don't often see.

The assessment conference in the afternoon was also very worthwhile. The department meeting also turned out okay. So, all's well.

My Explorer still isn't ready but today they called and I can exchange the Taurus for an Explorer when I go through tomorrow (I just missed the call in time for going by there today). We're supposed to get some sleet tomorrow so I will feel more comfortable in an Explorer. And then hopefully Monday, I'm good to go. I may wait til Tuesday to get it though and save myself an extra trip.

Uh oh ........... controversy in Pburg....

I love the map referenced by Mean Mr. Mustard:

How Europeans Look at America

Once again, I've scored an exclusive scoop.

A flurry of linkage has occurred in response to this map, purporting to show the American view of the Muslim world, followed naturally by items such as this map by Mike Silverman, giving a detailed exposition of the American view towards Europe.

We here at Mean Mr. Mustard have learned, through our various sources, that certain European governmental entities have implemented a program of informative response for their own citizens.

The product of that program:
How Europeans Look at America

In your face, mainstream media!

Need to work on learning Dreamweaver - will reward myself with breaks to check out other blogs.....

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