Monday, February 24, 2003

Some perspective on the academic life from Ms. Mentor in the Chronicle:

Question: Is it true that academics today may have higher work loads, more administrative work, dumber students, less time to publish, smaller labs and more ignorant colleagues -- but they also get paid for living the life of the mind, they have flexible hours, they can wear decrepit shoes, and they rarely have to submit to drug testing?

Answer: Yes.

And for those of us who feel guilty for succeeding:

she does believe that if you love someone -- including yourself -- you should set them free.

Another winter storm hit with full force and it's beautiful! I left the farm just as it began since I needed my fast internet connection to get some work done and I didn't want to drive in whatever was left today. I stopped by the store on the way home and made homemade vegetable soup and cornbread. Perfect for a day like yesterday and I have lunch for the next few days....

Because all the schools are canceled and even I-44 was shut down, my 479 teaching students are going to have a virtual class session
in Blackboard. I don't regularly do it with my online class since it's asynchronous and it's something new for one of my F2F classes. They can send me assignments through the Digital Dropbox or fax them. They don't have to turn in the final copy until we meet in person next week since this is their first full lesson plan.

Did some research on action research in history yesterday. Found some interesting stuff. I like the "back" and "go" features so much more on Netscape and get frustrated..........but that means it's hard to remember to convert the URLs when I don't have the IE window open. I'm sure, however, that there will be more down the road to report.........

Am reading _Understanding by Design_ - so far what I've learned is that you need to decide what you want students to learn before you design your lessons. Here's how one high school is applying its concepts. And from Harvard, Teaching for Understanding.

I have a KSDE meeting in Wichita on Thursday and hope to hook up with a high school friend the night before but another storn is headed this way. Usually at least some of them miss us but it doesn't look like this one will. The next week I go to Topeka
for a Kansas Territorial Sesquicentennial Advisory Committee meeting. I missed the last one of those because of weather.

I'd better post this. I already lost it downloading a Word file from the web...............

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