Thursday, February 27, 2003

Teacher: Year One is blogging again!!!! :}

My meeting today went much better than expected. I have a better understanding that not all NCSS leaders are anti-history (just like all the NCHE folks are NOT only about history to the exclusion of everything else; good history includes geography, government, etc...). And the networking with my colleague at a state peer institution was worth the drive alone. We have a lot in common - except the 7 hours of driving between us. We both are interested in history and helping mentor better history teachers and we will both find a way to get it done. :}

It's a little drizzly tonight so I'm glad I'm off the road. I'm also looking forward to some quality family time. My parents are 65 and 67 and it's scary to think about how few mobile years they might have left. I just keep encouraging them to do exactly what they want.

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