Saturday, February 22, 2003

This is great: SUV's to the rescue

DC Web Site during the recent storm:

"Volunteers needed to shovel snow at schools; SUV drivers needed.” The story said the mayor was soliciting people with four-wheel-drive vehicles to provide transportation to and from work for emergency personnel and for persons who have special medical needs."

From: C-Log

Hollywood Foreign Policy Review is even better!

And let's not leave out the musicians:

Stick to the music

Matt Drudge is reporting:

"Top CBS executives are deeply concerned that Sunday night's GRAMMY Awards may turn from a celebration of music -- into a giant anti-war politically rally"

"I would hope the artists will remember they are on stage because of their music," a top CBS source told the DRUDGE REPORT Friday morning.

I wish they would remember this all the time.

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