Sunday, February 16, 2003

Was quite surprised to hear the BBC on NPR interviewing people this morning who were NOT against it. They expressed my sentiments exactly: we don't want to but we're tired of being bullied!

Here are the results of my Car-O-Scope. I wonder if it changes the results if my Explorer is the Eddie Bauer model. :} I don't see myself in any of the cars they mentioned.....

Hello, Kelly

Here is your official Car-O-Scope, the patented Car Talk assessment of the compatibility between you and your Ford Explorer. As you well know, the degree of compatibility between you and your car is crucial to your happiness and well-being! Driving the right vehicle--i.e., having the correct "carma"--will give you an incredible lightness of being, a constant sensation of euphoria and, possibly, a Rocky Mountain high. On the other hand, the wrong "relationship" can be devastating: a continuous frown, a deep and inexplicable depression, a sense of foreboding. In short, a life of quiet desperation--not to mention an incredible headache, lower back pain and continuous hemorrhoidal flare-ups.

So, ready or not, here it is.

Comparing You to Other Ford Explorer Owners

Boy oh boy, Kelly, you picked a vehicle that just isn't quite right for you. You're compatible with your Ford Explorer only in terms of your age and your income.

When compared to other people who drive a Ford Explorer, other Ford Explorer owners are far more willing to take risks than you are, you're more generous than other owners, you're just too educated to be driving a Ford Explorer, you are a little too much of a snob, you are much more objective and logical, and you care a bit too much about your car compared to other Ford Explorer owners

For your further edification, here's a little further elucidation on these personality characteristics.

OK, so you're a bit of a wuss--or is it woos?--when it comes to taking chances. So, why are you driving a Ford Explorer? Eh?

We agree that there are lots of dangers out there--and you're perfectly justified in attempting to insulate yourself from them. Car-O-Scope will try to suggest some vehicles that are more in line with your risk-taking profile.

Compared to most other Ford Explorer owners, you certainly aren't the type who squeezes a nickel to see if the buffalo will cough up a dime. No, not you. Quite the contrary. Let's face it, you're far too generous a person to be driving a Ford Explorer. So continue to "cast your bread upon the waters," and Car-O-Scope will find a vehicle that's more compatible with your generous nature.

Gee, this is interesting. Car-O-Scope has determined that you are a person who is quite concerned with status. And yet, you're driving a Ford Explorer. Other Ford Explorer drivers just aren't as much of a snob as you are. We're going to have to do something about this, now aren't we?

Some of us have an overdeveloped left brain, and some have an overdeveloped right brain. And your strength is definitely on the left: logic and objectivity. This is not a bad thing. We do need rocket scientists. But it makes you somewhat incompatible with your Ford Explorer. Other Ford Explorer owners are a bit more "touchy-feely" than you. But you are what you are, so take your pick: Change what you are or get a new car. (That rhymes, doesn't it? Oops, that's a right-brain thing. Sorry.)

My dear, it appears that other Ford Explorer owners just don't care as much about their cars as you do. You're going to have to lighten up on this if you insist on driving a Ford Explorer. But, since this is probably a basic character flaw and therefore unchangeable, you probably will have to buy a new car to get your carma in balance.
Car-O-Scope Makes Suggestions for More Compatible Vehicles

Have no fear, Car-O-Scope is here to save you from a life of misery, depression and hemorrhoidal flare-ups. Through a secret and proprietary process (patent pending) the official car-o-scope has determined that your psychographic and demographic profile is far more compatible with the following vehicles: some of these suggestions might surprise you. But try to keep an open mind. It's quite possible that the car-o-scope has discovered some hidden and/or repressed aspects of your personality.
1. Volvo 760
2. Infiniti J30
3. Infiniti I30
4. Acura Vigor
5. Buick Roadmaster

So, let's look at your compatibility profile vis-a-vis the Infiniti I30. If you dumped that Ford Explorer and got yourself a Infiniti I30, you'd be a lot happier.

For example, you'd be almost perfectly compatible in terms of your gender and your grasp of reality.

In addition, you'd have pretty good compatibility in terms of your tolerance for taking risks, your age, the extent to which you're a cheapskate, your educational level, status consciousness, and how much you really care about your car.

Here's a little info on these personality characteristics. Read 'em and weep.

Reality check:

You have a pretty good sense of what's real and what ain't. You aren't one of those "head in the clouds" types--like some people I know. On the other hand, there are worse places your head could be--I guess.

Here's a more detailed look at your compatibility scores for the other vehicles on the list.

But don't delay! Your health, happiness and general well being are at stake here. Don't drive that Ford Explorer for another day.

It has been an honor and a privilege for Car-O-Scope to serve you in this very important decision.

And, don't drive like my brother.

How about a BMW Z8?????

The stuff that dreams are made of: an engine that is nothing less than a work of art, encased in a brilliantly-designed aluminium Spaceframe and open to the heavens. A two-seater sports car in the tradition of the legendary BMW cars of the twentieth century. A classic based on the essential principles of car design, made with the best engineering on earth and the finest technology available. The BMW Z8. Experience a car that is the very embodiment of a passionate love for mobility.


Time to look at blogs. I used Google to search for Teacher Education Blogs and found this from Teacher NC: Teacher Time
Savers: Blogging. I need to put that one on the 479 Blackboard site. I'm still playing with the idea of having them Blog a bit.

Which led me to David - a blog on web design.

Ok, back to the Teacher NC site............
Racing Against Catastrophe: A WebQuest for English I Teachers...............

Make it visible: create a graph!

This free online tool comes from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES). In addition to providing a wealth of educational data and statistics, NCES houses a site called the NCES Classroom that offers guidance and tools to understand and use the information collected by their organization. One of these tools is located in the Games and Activities section and is called Create a Graph. The activity was designed to teach students about the role of graphs and charts and how they function. It is an excellent site for students, but it's also great for the busy educator who doesn’t have access to graphing or charting software.

Here's Carol Moser's Making connections for environmental education

Get students outside and get them involved in local issues.

And now I find Writing a lesson plan for publication

When you write a lesson plan for publication, you're not just documenting what you do; you're teaching someone else to do it. That requires instructional writing.

The author has a great section on "Questions Before Writing":

Ask yourself:

* What did I think about the first time I taught this lesson that I don't have to think about now?

* What content do I refer to that another teacher might be unfamiliar with?

* What terms, instructional strategies, etc. do I refer to that a beginning teacher or lateral-entry teacher might not be familiar with? Am I using jargon that is unnecessary or unclear?

* Are there materials and resources that you use, either on the Web or in print, that another teacher might not have access to? The more specialized or obscure your resources, the more difficult it will be for another teacher to use your plan.

* Could this lesson raise issues with classroom management for a less experienced teacher?

* How do I evaluate students' learning? What clues am I looking for to see that they "get it"?

* What do I do if students don't get it? What is my backup plan (or plans) if the lesson doesn't work the first time?

Great ideas!!!

Something a little different:

Design, discover, and discuss

3d&i lets students explore the role of design in the world around them, from graphic and product design to architecture and fashion.

WHAT IS DESIGN, AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? 3d&i takes a look at design and its role in our daily lives. The site's creators define design broadly, encompassing topics in nature, engineering and art. By developing awareness of art and design in our daily lives, economy and environment, students will build visual literacy.

This might help with my work on studying material culture and how to teach it to student and teachers............ :}

Here's something History-related:

Calendars Through the Ages

And here's all you ever wanted to know about Daylight Savings Time.

Here's a great section on New Teacher Support.

I'd better save this and come back. I already froze the computer once this morning and had to redo some of this. :}

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