Thursday, February 13, 2003

Where has the week gone? Didn't realize til this morning that I hadn't posted since Sunday. Better stick with my new year's resolution!

Monday's teaching class went especially well again. They're starting to ask the deeper questions about the gray areas of dealing with students in the real world. I try to help guide them but also tell them that they need to ask these same questions of our upcoming guest speakers and the teachers where they student teach next fall. It's a hard realization for them that there isn't always a "right" answer.

Tuesday was busy with office hoursgrading papers the online class had turned in. Several more are doing better this semester than at this point last semester. There always seems to be one that spends more time explaining via email what a good student they are instead of just doing the work. Human nature - for some - I guess. Several of the rest are really enjoying digging into the material - especially since there is obviously so much going on in US foreign policy right now.

My Tuesday afternoon meeting was canceled and so I worked on the many other projects that need to be done.

A student came in Tuesday morning that is going to be shipped off to Camp Pendleton. He will find out when he gets there whether or not he is in the part of his unit that goes on to the Middle East. He would be back from the front, though. But, as he said, there's no place that's safe right now. There seems to be even reports that colleges are the next target. Hopefully our small size will work in our favor.

Yesterday I went to get my haircut and have lunch with a high school friend. She's busy with four children going every direction. I also was able to get some time in on the quilting machine and, of course, helping Mom and Dad with both their computers.

Last night I went to a gathering of cooperating teachers and supervisers - the first time the secondary people like me have been invited. They went over the new computer system they're using and it was just great to see everyone. We were at the new elementary school here, Meadowlark, which is a beautiful facility.

Today I have bowling - last week I bowled a 162 and 163 so I think I'm finally back to somewhat normal - but that still means I could have a game that is under 100. I still need great work on consistency. :} But the women are a fun group.

At lunch I go to a folio fiesta over at the education building. We're celebrating surviving the folio process last year (and be glad I wasn't keeping a blog then! :} ) and then I run back to Russ for a department meeting and then back over to education (Hughes Hall) for an assessment workshop. So the day will fly.

I hope to find out that my car seat has been repaired. I miss my Explorer and just having "my" car. Then if it isn't too late, I'll stop by Greenbush for a meeting. Then, if the heavy rain doesn't come tomorrow, I hope to have the builder's crew at the farm house doing final touchups. Next week is somewhat calm but the next week includes a trip to Wichita and then a few weeks until the spring break.

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