Thursday, February 27, 2003

A wonderful story about Mr. Rogers' passing via
Kitchen Cabinet. It dawned on me that Mr. Rogers wouldn't be allowed on tv today - a white guy would not be politically correct enough..... :{

Also via Kitchen Cabinet: another use of duct tape .... and a useful one at that. But, I agree, these are prettier.

This is good, too:

George Will says that in Europe today, anti-Americanism is the new anti-Semitism:

From medieval times until 1945, Jews often were considered the embodiment of sinister forces, the focus of discontents, the all-purpose explanation of disappointments. Now America is all those things.... The demonstrators simultaneously express respect for the United Nations' resolutions and loathing for America, the only nation that can enforce the resolutions. This moral infantilism -- willing an end while opposing the only means to that end -- reveals that the demonstrators believe the means are more objectionable than the end is desirable.
He also makes the point that all this talk about anti-Semitism being the socialism of fools is "confusing, because socialism is the socialism of fools."

I'm using the wireless connection to the cable modem and sitting with Mom watching Bridges of Madison County.........later we'll watch ER. :}

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