Friday, February 21, 2003

Yesterday was busy with meetings but I think we have the outline down for the new teacher education degree. I ran the meeting pretty quickly but I think everyone had time to talk. I finished in an hour what some folks thought would take two when they saw the two-page agenda. But we've been struggling with this for so long that I was clearly ready to move through it. And, since the degree has to meet the standards, we have little wiggle room. We will also work on the parameters of admitting students to a "history/government" education program that will help get students to finish their undergraduate work and not get stuck at the end with a course they can't get into or isn't conveniently scheduled.

Bowling went well and I logged in another pre-bowl. My scores ranged from 162 to 99. And I had one turkey. :} It's a fun group.
I hate that I am out of town for 3 of the next 4 meetings. Oh well.

Meeting with student teachers went well. They would like an MA aimed towards them and flexible because they can't attend classes on campus while they're teaching so online and some night courses would work. They all had interesting stories and realize they're learning more than we could ever teach them at PSU. The chair talked with them briefly which is always appreciated.

Senator Brownback was on campus and was most interested in talking to students. I stepped in when I was done with student teachers and listened for awhile. He made some interesting points. I was glad to see over 100 students there. I'm sure extra credit played a role but whatever works.

I then went to a meeting of Phase 3 of our PT3 grant. It's pretty involved like Phase 2 but they are paying us after all. After finishing, I will be able to say I've done some research.

Then we had the teacher education committee meeting and then I went out with two of my colleagues and one of their spouses and we had a good time. The chair and his wife seem interested in occasional weekend dinner outings. In the past, for a variety of reasons, we seem to be limited to weekday meetings which can be a little more restrictive since we're all so busy. I think 25 years ago the department did more socially.

For some reason, my work groups have not ever been the most social. There was always another school or another department that seemed to always be going somewhere. Sometimes I want to be out and about a bit and Beaver Kings fit the bill. I may miss the meeting today but an occasional miss is okay. The builder's worker is here at the farm doing all the odds and ends. We may almost get them all - still have some Andersen window grill pieces we're looking for and the company had a big shakeup last year which didn't help.

Sorry for "no links" - will work on that when my connection is back to being more than dial-up out here. I did see the deer and the turkeys this morning - haven't seen the deer in awhile. I talked to the turkeys when I walked after I finished Tuesday's blog entry. They went running two directions and I told one group they were going the wrong way because it was a much longer distance to the woods. :}

Next week will be busy with a visit to Wichita and Carthage and finally finishing up the AP Government course now that I have all the new stuff and know how to add pictures.

I wish Teacher: Year One was regularly posting. There's almost a sense of implied contract when people start these things and you feel like you've been "denied" when they have other priorities. At least the fall entries were really good.

I may actually be ready for spring and the trip down south on the train next month will definitely expedite that process. On the trip last year I could have done occasional blog entries because we were in hotels with internet access. But this time every night is on the train - which is better because there is much less packing and unpacking.

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