Sunday, March 23, 2003

Eszter's Blog pointed to an excellent resource:
Nick Denton's Mapping the War that illustrates the advance of our troops.

Went to the BK get together on Friday. Will have to lay low for awhile - they obviously have an opposite view of the war and need a place to vent since they are clearly in the minority in my small town. One relatively new member was quite surprised to find out I wasn't a liberal Democrat. She is Canadian and concerned about whether she should be working in a country that "promotes" war. It's very difficult to discuss because although they are "anti-war", I am not "pro-war." I also note that their freedoms are protected by a strong defense but they don't see the connection and my one man band won't convince them otherwise. This helps illustrate why it's so important to teach college students to think for themselves - so they don't simply parrot ANY professor's view.

The folks fixing my main computer took a day of spring break on Friday. The ultimate planner in me would have had someone pick it up Thursday if I had known. On the other hand, a disruption of plans is good. It only delayed one item I really wanted to get done but that one item won't really make or break the week. :} In fact, my whole Friday got turned around but it turned out to be a good thing.

I cleaned out a big section of the garage and found a spot where something (probably a mouse) got in and created a home so I will have to fix that opening. I need to find a way to filter stuff - if I'm going to keep getting new stuff I have to throw some of it out. That was less a problem when I seemed to be moving every two years - however I also threw out all my original quilting stuff ten years ago, too, that I wish I had now. Oh well.

Then I headed out here to the farm. It was a beautiful day and supposed to be even warmer today. Took a ride on the 4 wheeler and got out the blower to work on the porches. I shoveled a load of dirt to work on the spot near the house that needs some drain reworking. Today I will finish that and also work on weatherproofing the deck (or should I say hopefully squirrel-proofing) and the weeds in the landscaping - hopefully leaving the straw on will help. I talked to my landscaper and he said I shouldn't need to water until mid-May unless it gets unusually dry or warm so that means it should be okay when I take off for Italy in early May. :} yeah!

I also swam in my really warm pool and will do so again today. The water in the hot tub has gotten a little ucky so I will work on that some more today. I added in new water last time I was here and maybe it's finally settled in.

The turkeys were noisy this morning when I let Shadow out but it was a good sound. I haven't heard them that loud and close in awhile. I also loved sleeping with a window open last night. It worked out perfect because the sitting room window is just far enough away to let in some cold air but not get too cold.

Need to get my reviews ready for KSDE for sure today and hopefully
some HM stuff done. Of course, the list is much longer and some I can't really dig into until after the Organization of American Historians meeting week after next.

One of my mixed-up schedule items yesterday was that I had lunch with Judy. She reminded me not to apologize for things I don't need to apologize for................something that has already come in handy. I am too, too worried about what other people think and need to keep working on my internal dialogue aka Dr. Phil.

Also spent a lot of time yesterday working on the satellite modem. Thought of something new to try today so will give it one more try. The cable friend who was going to help has had a close friend lose his husband so that is delayed yet again.

Hopefully more later. Six Feet Under is on tonight!

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