Tuesday, March 11, 2003

From David Horowitz's The War Room:

The Issue: The University of Michigan Law School is being sued because its admissions policy favors designated racial groups. The President has filed a brief supporting the plaintiffs.

The Argument: A diverse population like ours must bind itself into a nation. It is especially important for us to be a nation united when we are under attack.

The only way a multi-ethnic, multi-racial people can share a sense of common ownership of their government, the only way the American government can actually be a government of all the people, is if it treats all citizens equally by establishing and enforcing a single standard of equity and justice. Only by observing a single standard for all Americans can we achieve justice, fairness and a sense of common identity and purpose. Racial privileges divide and weaken us.-


My home office is finally workable and has a floor once again. The piles are much neater and everything is on a shelf. I will tackle that next month. Obstructionists threw up some roadblocks again Sunday - wanting the control without having to do the work or investigation of what it all actually means - but by yesterday I have a new perspective and have reinforced "my troops" (just my own self-image). I'm trying to help students. The head of teacher ed paid me a nice compliment yesterday - she gets the most complaints from students about me when they're taking 479 (the methods course for history) but she also gets the most compliments about me the next semester when they student teach. I'll take that as a compliment. Universities still often coddle students way too much and I'm just trying to get them ready for the real world - and that includes the real world classroom. :} We also reviewed the online portfolio program (I served on the committee to choose the brand),
called FolioLive.

I saw student teachers in Fort Scott and Arma yesterday and that finishes them up for the semester - the rest of the work from them can be submitted online. CJ came back by to help me with relational databases and to get the right virus protection on my laptop. This will work out perfectly because you need a real live person to go to when you're trying to learn this programming stuff. mamamusings discussion of open source courseware fits in nicely here. Too bad I don't have the exercise log she's just added - getting sick in mid-winter threw off everything and it's starting to show! UGH!!! It should be bike-riding season when I get back. We paid yesterday for all our extremely seasonably warm days - it was 6 degrees wind chill outside. I felt sorry for the guys building the house next door but they did get the roof shingles on - just in time for the next rain to get here. :}

Today is office hours, a meeting about the program guide, a meeting about English as a second language and a meeting about
potential NCSS approval of our program. Then I need to pack for the train trip. Can't wait to eat at Bayona on Wednesday night. Time to do some grading for my online class before I have to get ready to go.

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