Sunday, March 30, 2003

From Joanne

Learning English in English
California students who are learning English are much more likely to achieve proficiency if they're taught in English rather than their native language. Duh, you say. But it's news in education circles. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Five years after voters approved English-only classrooms across California, the popular ballot measure seems to be working.

The number of students who speak English well despite having learned a different language at home tripled last year.

Thirty-two percent of California students learning English -- more than 862, 000 -- were able to speak it "proficiently" as measured by the California English Language Development test in the fall of 2002.

The rate was just 11 percent in fall 2001. About 1.8 million students took the test for the first time that year.
Despite Proposition 227, which called for students to learn in English, some children receive waivers to attend bilingual programs. English proficiency for bilingual students rose from 3 percent in 2001 to 16 percent in 2002. Students in one English-language program increased from 9 percent in 2001 to 30 percent a year later; in another English program, proficiency rose from 13 percent to 37 percent.


My friend's husband that is the cable/satellite expert came over yesterday to work on my satellite. We have modem lights back again. This morning I found a tool that would reads the signal strength since the computer isn't acknowledging that we're connected yet. But we're getting there. I found another way to get into the Starband training site where I don't have multitudes of files to figure out how to open and instead can do the training online so I can get the magic numbers from them. Will do it at the cable modem connection, however so it doesn't take forever. It was great to see Hunter and Fischer - Fischer's walking up a storm and Hunter remembers being here before. I was making a roast dinner anyway so I had someone to help me eat it. :}

Graded lesson plans this morning - some do just enough to fulfill the requirements and others go above and beyond - which is what it takes to get an A. But I'm ready to meet with this group tomorrow along with numerous student advisement appointments the next two days.

The department is going to eat dinner together at Thai Orchid (yes, we have a Thai place!) to celebrate a successulf North Central Accreditation visit.

I did get some fireplace time in and am trying to hurry up and finish before I head back to town to watch Six Feet Under.

Headed to Memphis on Wednesday.

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