Wednesday, March 05, 2003

From Mean Mr. Mustard...........this whole Michael Jackson thing is just bizarre. I heard a newscaster this morning state that "we're going to find out why he's not like the rest of us............" What does she mean? Those of us in flyover country (and most of the US) already knew that. We don't really need to be informed that he's a nut. Someone estimated at least 50 plastic surgeries..............that I believe. :}

History's Greatest Monster!
You wanna know what really keeps me awake at night?


I've just spent two hours on the phone with Starband. Now that my dish is stabilized and I had some time I could spend on the phone, my computer is good to go. Had to reload Direct X in the process since the software update that earlier obliterated my computer only disabled the sound this time. I was talking to the right guy who knew both Starband, the Starband software, and the computer! It's always nice when it works out that way. But


The upload speed will be slower until I'm realigned. My signal strength is low 5s and it needs to be at least 7 but we're getting there...yeah! technology is great when it works. I am going to go check out their manuals regarding being certified and maybe I can help the builder when he's back out Friday - I can't do the physical part but maybe I can read the manual and pass the online test since you really have to work with Starband on the alignment issue. :} YEAHHHHH

I lie in bed fretting that an advanced and all-powerful alien civilization is going to descend upon our little blue ball and put humanity on trial for its crimes, with a guilty verdict meaning complete and utter destruction of Earth.

And you know what their chief exhibit would be?

Michael Jackson.

Yeah, we'd be toast for sure.

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