Sunday, March 23, 2003

From Scrappleface:

Sesame Street to Add Saddam Muppet
(2003-03-23) -- The Children's Television Workshop (CTW), producers of Sesame Street, announced today that the show will soon feature a muppet called Saddami. The new muppet will be used to educate children about tolerating diversity in human behavior.

The idea came to Sesame Street writers while watching a video of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein recorded after the so-called 'decapitation attack.'

"We saw Mr. Hussein on the video and he looked so life-like," said an unnamed writer. "His puffy round head, funny glasses, French beret and broom-like mustache just shouted out 'Muppet!'. Combined with the way he turned the pages on that steno pad, you could almost see the little rods controlling his arm movements."

In the first episode of the new season, Saddami will attack Ernie, Bert and Grover, turning them into "a pile of crumbled foam and rags". At first Big Bird will threaten to peck him to death. But the show's human cast members will persuade the residents of Sesame Street to leave Saddami alone, because "it takes all kinds of behavior to make up the circle of life, and we shouldn't punish Saddami just because his morals are different."

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