Saturday, March 08, 2003

Good morning! It's supposed to be almost seventy today so I hope to get a bike ride in and some good walks with Shadow. Tomorrow, of course, the threat of winter weather returns. :} I've been awake since 3:45 so I have permission to take some naps today and just hang out. :}

Spent yesterday at the farm. I know have a shower door - just have to wait for all the caulk to set. They tried to help me with my satellite and we got the Starband up to 7.0 and then lost it. There's apparently some compromise between the best tv picture and the best internet picture. We have a few other places to check before we pay someone $100 to do something they should have done in the first place. But we're getting there.......

Am anxious to leave on the antebellum south tour on the American Orient Express next week. I need the vacation and this time I'm not taking any work with me.

I need to see if all the info is ready on the university web site for student advisement. No one's commented on the student-oriented web site. But I did get some great reinforcement from one our computer gurus when he was helping me a new database - just offer to let them do the web site when they do issue a complaint or "improvement" - especially since no one realizes that it's not like retyping a paper.

Re: Karen McComas's earlier blog comments about the people who cause trouble in your life. I can now say I've put forth my best effort to cooperate with this person and they still don't understand that it's just not proper to keep changing things that are quite simple requests because they think they know a better way when, in fact, they are contracting the Vice President for Academic Affairs. And this isn't from a fellow faculty member. :} I can go other places to get answers without announcing to them that they're, once again, causing a problem and they they can't issue their usual personal vendettas. At least I acknowledge when I don't understand something. I'll count that on my list of positives for the day. :} More later........

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