Thursday, March 13, 2003

I was able to get quite a few things taken care of on campus on Monday and Tuesday before I left yesterday. My chair is great. We had good meetings with the director of teacher education and the dean of education both about our programs and about grant writing -- lots of the "insider knowledge" that's not in any manual. There was also some closure on the obstructionist so at least that isn't waiting for me when I get back!

Had an easy plane ride down here although apparently walking around on the farm leaves potentially problematic-residue on shoes - don't know what to do about that since I wear all but my dress shoes out there. Oh well. Ate at Bayona last night. Had a pistachio rice pudding for dessert and a great shrimp appetizer as well as their classic portabella mushroom crouton with madeira cream sauce. The salmon with an interesting saurkraut (although a much fancier name of course) was out of this world. Sam also picked out a good zinfandel to drink.

Today we ate lunch at Felix's - so I had some crawfish at a classic joint in town. :} In the morning I found a wonderful yarn shop - Mom will probably go back with me tomorrow. We also walked the entire Riverwalk and brought back a beignet for Mom. She went to the spa and had a great time.

We're getting ready for cocktail hour and dinner as our inaugural American Orient Express event. Tomorrow we tour more of New Orleans and spend the night on the train before we head out for Savannah the next morning. Am looking forward to the Savannah homes tour. Later........

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