Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I'm still thinking about which ways I want this blog to go. I still want to find a way to implement one in a class setting. But only if students at least eventually find it useful. They still often have trouble grappling with Blackboard and so it's probably too soon to push forward on this ........ maybe see where it goes a little further down the road first.

Saw three of my deer today - of course, once they saw me I only saw their white tails across the field - but it was wonderous. The turkeys are probably hiding in the middle field.

Had a meeting of the advisory committee for the commision regarding the Kansas Territorial Sesquicentennial. Left Topeka just as the storm came in. When I left here, they were saying drizzle late tonight and as I headed north on 75, it was storm advisory for early afternoon, then noon, then late morning. My meeting started at 10........But I was done at 12 after some networking in addition to the meeting. They were closing schools to the north but about 40 miles south I ran out of rain and an hour into the trip home, it was in the 50s. But I note that the stark trees are starting to sway outside so something is headed our way - but I'm safely ensconced - including my nearby firewood supply.

Last night I was busy wanting to get the standards research done for the upcoming Project Mine workshop in June. I also want to do some of the prep paperwork to work through the state's new Professional Development program that will be implemented this summer and try to help teachers work through it to apply their Project Mine work. The people I talked to today all think it is something to still be figured out - so it's worth a try. I'm learning most education-related tasks are like jumping off a cliff - you never know what type of landing you'll have.

I took a minute to read the referenced site from mamamusings.........he's just bitter all the way around. I get disgusted with academia too, but it's hardly "terrible working conditions" when you compare it to something like, say, coal mining. He'll soon become disgruntled with his own self. Are politicians just as self-absorbed - they just act it out in public? :}

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