Monday, March 31, 2003

More progress on the obstructionist - the problem will never be solved but I have made sure that all my legal liabilities are covered. And that's all I can do. I have other things that need my energy and attention. The teacher ed director complimented me on how I handled a potentially sticky situation. That definitely made my day. I have also had a good frank discussion going with the chair over the last several days that have culminated into some great insights.

Had a great discussion with an advisee this morning. He is really on top of things. He was adding Spanish courses to be a better-prepared teacher and I told him about our new ESL (English as a Second Language) minor and so he was going to check that out. It's always great when you have a mature student who is thinking beyond the next assignment. And, my teaching students did really well -we discussed how to handle several controversial issues, including the war, and they are reasoned, well-thought-out arguments. They have in their hands their last two big assignments - a PowerPoint over an article from Kansas History and their US history lesson plan. They are learning about rubrics in middle and secondary reading so that is good to know.

Got a good walk in with Karen tonight. Parenting seems awfully difficult at times - especially when your child is one of the good-natured ones.

Tomorrow I meet with more students and go to a curriculum meeting. Then I take Shadow over to Carthage to stay while I go to Memphis. I need to finish up the paperwork for that trip but I will get it done. I'm looking forward to being in Memphis.

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