Sunday, March 09, 2003

Sometimes fun things happen in small towns. :} Hargrove played a 90-minute set and appeared to be capable of performing another one. It was a great show.

I saw Karen on my walk yesterday and so did my part for the Girl Scouts and helped get them lunch on their half hour break. Our Mall Deli is wonderful - always fresh and never had a bad meal there - which is hard to say about any restaurant - but if you're not there by 11:15, you're in line for lunch for awhile. I also reinforced my candle supply while I was out at a small store downtown on Broadway.

It turned cold mid-afternoon and so that fooled with some of my late afternoon plans. But that's okay....plenty to do inside. I had a much more restful sleep last night and so can get more done today and start getting ready for the train trip - we leave on Wednesday. I finally caught up on email with my Minnesota friend, Cathy.

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