Friday, March 21, 2003

That seems to have worked!

The train trip was great - especially the food - we topped it off with lobster the last night that was just wonderful. Met some very interesting people, including C. Kim Goodwin's mom - Goodwin is a head honcho at State Street and used to be at American Century in Kansas City. There were also some people in their forties on the trip that were very interesting - the average age is 60-85....

Deborah and Bob were a lot of fun. (oops - I don't see the URL feature here) - You can find them at and - she's a great artist and I lover her inclusion of trains but also her emphasis on reading and writing. She talked about how people who love their work live their work and that's a great insight for me. Bob has had lost of interesting experiences - especially working in the computer industry with its founders in the early days (Grove, Jobs, etc.) He's also been in the academic world so we had lots to talk about.

This group was very congenial - last year we had some snobs and that seems to seep through the whole group. The tour leaders were very energetic and I had fun getting to know the one my age from Tennessee. She's career-minded like me and facing the same challenges of singlehood.

The only concern we had on the trip was staying in Richmond VA on the train the night the war broke out - and we were flying out of Dulles the next day - but it all worked out fine.

Lots to do today. Had the computer guru update the home computer to XP and hope we haven't lost all our Netscape Mail - crucial to my existence because it's the record of my life! I c an go pick that up at 9. Later will spend some time at the office catching up.

Hope to go to the farm tomorrow and Sunday - should get to 70. Have some work to do and next week will be so busy I won't get time to get there.

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