Thursday, March 06, 2003

This is pretty sad commentary on our political system - it is majority rule, after all...........The Democrats champion themselves as the defenders of the minority and yet they're willing to trample all over the majority. We'll see. Paybacks are &*(&. :}

The usual March and snow headed in late Tuesday - even some lightning - so off the computer for me. The builder didn't get there to put in the shower door because the roads were still too bad Wednesday morning but we've rearranged things to try for Friday. Keep your fingers crossed. I came back into town last night and just relaxed - why I was so wired Monday night I don't know but last night I slept like a baby. And, after the dog being all upset from the furnace the night before, it was catchup from Mon and Tues - the best kind of sleep. I am realizing I don't have to be on the computer every morning by 5 or 5:30 to have a full day. :} Back to the weather (tangents to the ultimate degree here...), tomorrow it may be 73 but back to winter storming on Sunday. But I enjoyed the last little bit of bad weather - I don't think I've walked through the woods since I built the house so Shadow and I had fun. I better located the old wagon - would still like to find a way to get it in front of the house but I'm afraid it will fall apart. The first tenant farmer insisted the owners had given it to him when I knew they clearly hadn't .......... just put that along with all the money he ended up stealing from me by claiming he only raised 4 bushels an acre soybeans when the rest of the county had 30-50.........And he's a banker.............Anyway, we had fun - there was still some light snow coming down which is amazing to watch as you're surrounded by 30 foot trees.

Today is bowling - the only time this month :( and then grab some lunch and then two meetings. Our computer tech, CJ, is great and has worked up a script to collect data on our graduates. So will learn some actual programming from a pro today. And then there's a Teacher Ed Council meeting at 3:30. Nothing too major to decide. I pretty much let other programs do what they want as long as it's not too lenient or too high in expectations in comparison to the other programs (changes, not the actual programs :} ). Some of the others are typical academics and try to micromanage .. I've got other things to do. At least the "colleague" who used to shake her finger at the rest of us like bad little children when we didn't understand something doesn't come very often any more. She's busy writing "the book."

There was a great article in the Chronicle this morning about a biology PhD candidate who was actually contemplating a career outside of academe. :}

* A PH.D. CANDIDATE in biology screws up her courage and
finally tells her advisers she doesn't want a career in
--> SEE

I need to finish reading Educative Assessment from the folks at Alverno College before it has to go back to ILL.

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