Sunday, February 20, 2005

a last take on Ward Churchill??

ARMAVIRUMQUE: THE NEW CRITERION'S WEBLOG: "Contemplating the Ward Churchill phenomenon, I am reminded of the play Six Degrees of Separation, the premise of which is that everyone on earth is separated from even the most distant person by no more than six friends of friends of friends. Perhaps. It does seem, however, that no one in the American left-wing establishment is far removed from the ravings of Ward Churchill. What does that tell us?"

PS: Please read the entire article for the support for this author's assertions of Churchill's connections to the left side of the political spectrum.

How are you arriving at that last conclusion? Churchill represents only himself - his ideas are hardly left-wing. Blame the victims? That is not a liberal sentiment.

As a staunch west coast liberal, I resent the ideas presented by Churchill, and I resent when my idealogy is glumped together with his.

I would never assume that crazy loon Dobson represents the entire conservative platform, and I hope others will refrain from sweeping generalizations as well.
If you take time to read the entire article, you will see that ties to the "left-wing establishment" are well documented. However, I do not equate the left-wing establishment with everyone whose beliefs are toward the left side of the political spectrum. :-)
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