Saturday, May 14, 2005

Day 2 in Roma

It has been a great day but is getting quite warm despite the cooler weather predicted for most of my stay. But the sun is nice and bright and it is really not too bad.

Had a cafe latte late this morning and people watched near the Spanish Steps. Rob and Liz took me there when I was here the first time and not only was their good shopping, it was somewhat familiar territory.

I bought rosaries with the new pope"s picture on the container. Also bought one for mom and Sam. So, one historical momento.

also found some clothes that were not too old and not to expensive. Will be able to wear them to teacher workshops this summer. :-)

Ate pizza for lunch - pizza blanco with rosemary was my favorite.

got online to check train times - hope there are no more strikes when I try to ride the train on the way back but only time will tell . .. . .

Now I need to go get tickets and see how long I have to stand in line - could not seem to get the online site to work - graphics with important info would not come up. You have to make sure not only to get a ticket but also a seat reservation.

I like where my hotel is - once I found it yesterday.

I slept well last night and hopefully do the same tonight since I must get up 3 hours earlier to get to Spoleto on time.

It seems so far that I planned this perfectly - a day or so to run around and get settled in and then take the train to the actual cooking tour spot tomorrow.


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