Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Teachers Working Hard in the National Archives in Kansas City

Here's a few of my "projects" that came out of teacher discussions on Monday and Tuesday via the follow-up email I sent them:

We were talking about slave bill of sales today and here is some information I found online tonight that will provide more context and historical background as well as numerous other primary sources.

Bill of Sale (from MA) – Slave

Missouri State Archives – Teaching with Documents – Bill of Sale
note the link to download the document

Estate Bill of Sale (includes slaves) – Missouri State Archives
note the link to download the document

Bill of Sale – Rose, MO
This is probably from a family genealogist

African Americans in Missouri
lots of info on slavery in Missouri – background looks good; genealogy site

Slave Compensation Cases
“This information was found at the National Archives - Central Plains Regional Branch in Kansas City, MO. What follows are excerpts of slave compensation cases from Record Group (RG) 21, Records of the U.S. District Court - Kansas. Under the provisions of section 24, Acts of Congress of 24 February, 1864, and 28 July, 1866, slaveholders in States not in rebellion could be compensated by the U.S. Government for slaves who enlisted in the Union Army. The claims do not necessarily contain standardized information. Original cases contain a variety of documentation, including bills of sale, copies of wills, army surgeons records and many other valuable and interesting items.”

This is a GREAT DESCRIPTION of what you would find there.

Slavery in Missouri
Another genealogy site but looks like some good info

Biographical Notes – Emancipated Slave (Missouri)
more good genealogy stuff – this has a good story and illustrates how the documents tell the story

Go to http://www.kansasterritorialonline.org and search for slave bill of slave and you will get some hits

Slavery: Brooklyn in the Civil War
LOTS Of great primary sources – not just a Brooklyn site!!

Slavery in Missouri, 1804-1865
reprint of 3 chapters of a 1914 book on Missouri slavery

>From Slavery to Civil Rights: A Timeline of African-American History
>From Library of Congress American Memory

The African-American Presence in Kansas City, Kansas
good primary sources from the KCK public library, includes a bill of sale

Gleaning Information from Slave Schedules
How to find and use slavery information from genealogy records

One teacher also asked about the Pratt Whitney info I brought up online earlier this week at Greenbush. You will find lots of civil rights info if you go into ARC (www.archives.gov) and go the yellow search button, click on digital copies, click on Kansas City, and then put Pratt Whitney in the search engine. All kinds of useful documents appear

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