Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Morning Sun: 'It was a symbol of faith' 07/02/05

The Morning Sun: 'It was a symbol of faith' 07/02/05: "
photo: local
Stephanie Farley/The Morning Sun
St. Francis Catholic Church's steeple was not where it should be when residents woke up on Friday morning. Instead of serving as the beacon of St. Paul's community, the steeple lay strewn about in pieces on the ground after it was severely damaged in Thursday night's series of storms that ripped through southeast Kansas. Neosho County Sheriff James Keath said that while the majority of damage was caused by straight-lined winds, some of the damage could have been caused by possible tornadic activity.
'It was a symbol of faith'

Winds bring down St. Francis Church steeple

Morning Sun Staff Writer

Pam Strong could see it every morning as she drove to Macs Git-N-Split convenience store where she works as a cashier. It was her light.

It would calm her down whenever she came into work in a bad mood.

'It was a symbol of faith,' she said. 'It was like someone saying, 'It'll be all right. It'll be all right.''"

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