Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To My Students . . .

Cousin Eddie in Da Hizz-ouse!: "Listen up!

Here's what I wish my students knew. (And most of them do; it's the few who don't that really stand out for me.)

Going to college is a privilege, not a right.

While you are paying for my services, this does not mean that I should cater to you. Because you are paying me to teach you, you are implying that I have knowledge that you need. This means that I am probably intelligent enough to devise a course that will enable you to gain sufficient mastery of the material (if you try). This also means that all of the assignments I give you have a purpose. You should take the time to do the assignments, and do them properly. Oh, and coming to class? You should probably try it.

My job is not only to help you learn the course material, but also to prepare you for life. In the real world, most employers will not accept tardiness, late assignments, or excuses. I do not either. Your grades should be earned, not given to you."

The rest is even better . . .

Wow, thanks for the compliment!
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